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Quality takes time.
We at Dstnct_Visualize, pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality images which are designed to immerse the viewer and capture their imaginations.



Step 01

Establishing the project requirements and the expected timeline for the project is of the utmost importance. This stage is where the scope of the project is determined, your vision is explained and all the required information is provided to us.


Step 2

Once all the project information has been received, a quotation can be generated.
Before any work commences, a 50% deposit is required - all quotes are subject to this deposit.


Step 3

Using the provided information, we begin generating a detailed scene of the desired render.

*See "The Requirements"


Step 4

Once the modelling is complete, the most picturesque camera angles are selected, showcasing the project as much as possible. Lighting is added and clay renders are generated in order to visualize the space.


Step 5

Once the scene has been approved, we begin adding materials to the scene. In order to accurately apply materials, we require the client to supply us with some references - mood boards, material samples or sample images.

We then provide the client with a draft render in order for them to provide final comments before the final process takes place.

*A limited amount of changes are permitted before additional charges apply. These changes will also impact the timeline of the project.


Step 6

Upon final approval of the scene and the materiality, the final, high resolution images will be generated. 

The final invoice for the balance of the project amount will be submitted, and once the payment has been received, the final images will be supplied to the client.

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